Newley Weds New To Charlotte

My husband and I were newly-weds and new to the Charlotte area when we decided to work with Jason Gentry on finding our first home. We told him what we were looking for; not only price and the style of the property, but also the social activities that we enjoyed. He put together a list of neighborhoods that fit our needs, and during our visits he pointed out restaurants and different attractions that helped us picture ourselves there. We made the most out of each day we looked with him, and we had a lot of fun! Visiting houses with Jason, was great because he was just as excited as we were to check out new places and see what designs and architectural choices were inside. His background in architecture was very helpful, especially when looking at newly built or remodeled homes. He could tell what was better quality when we had no idea what to look for. Jason was amazingly patient as I sent him list after list of questions throughout the process; he answered what he could and directed me to our mortgage broker to answer the rest. Throughout the process of buying our first home and settling in to Charlotte, Jason was there to guide us and make sure we stayed on track.