Friends In The End

My name is Katie Smitherman and my husband, David, and I bought our first home this past year. We used Jason Gentry as our REALTOR® which was the best decision we could of made. We were excited and nervous about buying a home and Jason answered all of our concerns with patience and made the whole process fun.

Jason took the time to explain the operation of home buying and made sure we understood. He listened to the things we wanted in our new home and the things that we didn’t. We never felt rushed to make a decision.

Jason also has an architectural background which is very helpful when buying a home. David and I looked at many homes that needed updates or just recently were renovated. Jason gave us great advice on if the home was worth the asking price.

When it came time to put an offer on our house Jason was very thorough. He did all the research necessary to put in a offer, but always let us make the final decision which he supported. Jason has a great team he works with as well that helped with the mortgage and closing of our home. He has been there even after the sell when we have had questions about refinancing.

Jason Gentry is an amazing person to work with. I would use him again and again. He made the whole process an excellent first time home buying experience. He not only became a REALTOR® we could trust, but also a great friend during our journey.

Proud homeowners

Katie and David Smitherman